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Our school

I go to G. Marconi Secondary school in Terni, Italy. In my school there are three floors.
In the basement there is an auditorium where the teachers usually have meetings and the school orchestra can perform. On the ground floor there are the offices, a big gym where we have our P.E. lessons and there are
most of the classrooms. In each classroom there is an interactive whiteboard, a computer and some geographic maps on the walls too.
On the first floor there are other classrooms, a science lab, a computer lab and a library where the students can borrow books and DVDs or they can watch movies and documentaries.
Around the school there is a garden. In front of the school entrance there is a football pitch were we usually play football or handball and a car park.. Many of us have lunch at school twice a week, but unfortunately there isn’t a canteen here so we have to use the nearby primary school canteen.
In my school there are about 80 teachers, 500 students and 24 classes. Here we can study Music, Italian, Maths, Science, Art, English and we can choose another foreign language between Spanish and French.
By Marta 3^A


I go to school in Terni and it’s called “Guglielmo Marconi”. My school is quite big and it has got three floors: one is underground, then there is the ground floor and the first floor. The underground floor is where we have the theatre. There, we do recitals and exibitions where we show our projects.
On the ground floor there are 20 classrooms, the gym, a large assembly hall and the principal’s office. On the first floor there are 3 classrooms, the science lab, the computer room and the music room. There is also a library where students can borrow books and DVDs.
Around the school there is a big garden with a football pitch.
I like my school because there you can make new friends and you meet them everyday. In my opinion school would be a better place if we all respected the rules.
by Matteo 3^C



Hi, we are Giorgio and Filippo from class 3^E . We are both students of “G.Marconi” Comprehensive School.
Our school organizes a lot of activities many of which are for our safety ,for example last month we had a meeting about cyberbulling in the auditorium with the police who helped us to reflect about all the problems that we could have with the social media like Facebook or Twitter
We had also a meeting with a voluntary of Emergency. He explained us a lot of interesting things and we understood that the war isn’t just made up of weapons but it’s made of victims, too.
The school also organizes football and volleyball tournaments and concerts for the end of the school year and we play the flute with the school orchestra. Our school gives a lot of importance to music and sport but also to foreign languages too. In fact we usually have courses with mother- tongue teachers and this year we really want to thank Fondazione Carit that allowed us to have free lessons with a mother -tongue teacher whom we want to thank too , because with her help we could improve our English.
Thanks so much